Botswana And Okavango Safaris – Becoming Part Of Nature Herself

There are very few experiences in life, only several fleeting moments in time when a person feels truly and utterly overwhelmed by awe and wonder. Going on a wild safari ranks very highly in that small number.

Granted there are many safaris you can go on, the world over, but perhaps nowhere is quite as magical, as a Botswana safari or an Okavango Delta safari. It’s trips like these, that let you know how it really feels to become part of nature herself.

So what makes these safaris so magical and truly memorable? Let’s find out!

Why A Botswana Safari Trip Is A Lifetime Experience

Lagoons, channels and islands make up this area of our beautiful planet, giving the untamed wilderness an enchanted sanctuary atmosphere.

Every year floodwaters make their way from central Africa and transform the dry desert into an expansive wetland.

The conditions and environment make it a paradise for a large selection of animals and wildlife. What could you hope to see on your safari?

– Stunning flora which entices just as stunning game to the area throughout the year.

– A wondrous and ecosystem where harmony rules, which can often be appreciated from an arial view with a flight between safari camps.

– An inspirational selection of animals to see, from cheetahs to wild dogs and lions to hyena.

Are you hooked already? Well just before you book your tickets, it’s time for a little trusty travel advice.

Know Where You’re Going Before You Board The Plane!

The Location

Botswana, or the Republic of Botswana as is it’s proper title, is a landlocked country, neighbouring countries are South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The Climate

Knowing the temperature and seasons in Botswana will help you to plan your safari trip for a time when you will be most comfortable. The Summer season runs from November to March and temperatures can be scorching. In general, you can expect a range of 19 – 30 degrees Celsius. The summer season also brings the rainy season, meaning clouds and downpours can be a common occurrence although they don’t tend to last too long.


Winter starts in May and ends in August. Being the dry season, if you plan to visit during these months you won’t see a drop of rain. During the day the weather tends to be comfortably warm with spells of sunshine. Evening time can bring cooler temperatures, even dropping below freezing point.

So Now I Know The Climate, But When Should I Book My Trip For?

December – March

If this time of year interests you, then you can expect to be enthralled by vivid floral displays, perfect light for photos, and the odd exceptional storm.

Since this is time for many animals to give birth to their young, it’s a keen favourite with many tourists. The sudden emergence of young animals also means predators are more active, so wildlife viewing can be excellent during this time.

April, May And November (Transition Months)

April and May often see safari camps beginning to offer both land and water activities, offering tourists the opportunity to really explore their surroundings.

November also comes with a great benefit for bird-lovers. Summer bird migrants start to make their appearance to woe all who catch a glimpse of them. In addition, as the waters start to recede, birds of prey are busy making the most of the opportunity to do a spot of fishing.

June – October

As the wilderness transforms into a wondrous wetland, many animals are on the move and adapting to their new surroundings. All of the wilderness activity gives plenty of enchanting moments for tourists to admire .

What To pack For Your Safari Trip


Packing for a safari trip in Botswana varies significantly from packing for a beach holiday! packing-for-a-safari-ugandaAppropriate clothes are vital if you’re planning a trip during the Summer season then be sure to invest in a good quality rain coat and wet gear.

In addition, you’ll need a good sunblock, protective sunglasses, a sun hat and comfortable walking shoes. Of course, be sure to take a visit to your doctor well in advance of your trip as various vaccinations or medicines may be recommended, including Malaria tablets.

An obvious one of course, but don’t forget your passport! Botswana allows passports that have at least 6 months remaining before your departure date.

Certainly, life is a journey and every step of the way should be enjoyed and cherished. If you really want a moment that will take your breath away, then consider planning a Botswana Safari trip.

With such a vast amount of wildlife to see, a stunning ecosystem to admire and scenery that will truly leave you in awe, it’a trip you’ll be talking about for a long time to come. After all, where else could you feel that you really become part of nature herself?

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